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Where It Begins

I’ve suddenly found myself, living in a place I would have never imagined living, doing something that I didn’t know existed two months ago. I figured, what better time to start sharing some of my photographs and experiences with those who might be curious, and maybe, if I’m lucky, find some inspiration in the process.

Blogging these days certainly isn’t a novel way to share ideas, and to be quite honest, I often find the practice somewhat trite and self-obsessed. However, in certain light, overlooking its seemingly shallow content, I’ve found good reason to share with the world (Okay…probably more like my family and friends) how a passion for the outdoors and exploration has brought me to the place I am today, and wherever I wind up as the future rolls on. Coming to this realization was aided by a blog my parents (mostly my mom) started in order to share the excitement of their new life in Austin, Texas, along with some truly enlightening posts that some good friends have shared over the years, and I suddenly feel silly for ignoring the way that blogging can keep us connected to the world, and particularly the people we love and care about. So, to all of you (still) reading, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and please send me a message in any way you have the means to say hello!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, dogs…

My love of dogs began before I can remember with the sweetest long haired Siberian Husky, Kita. It did not end here, but I will save you all the boredom of my full life’s history of furry friends. There is one moment in particular from my childhood with Kita that sticks out in my memory like the way you might remember exactly where you were on 9/11, or the moment you realized that you love somebody.

It was winter, and like any good kid before iPads were invented, I was in the backyard running through the snow with Kita having a grand old time. I don’t remember why, and it doesn’t really matter anyways, but I had laid down in the snow, probably to look up at the sky and catch snowflakes on my tongue, when Kita ran over, bit me by the scruff of my winter jacket, and started dragging me through the snow towards our home. Naturally at first I was shocked, and I probably hastily yelled at her to stop, but when I went inside and shared this odd circumstance with my parents, they made a passing observation that turned a forgettable moment into my most cherished memory of a childhood best friend. They told me that she was probably just trying to bring me back to the house, sensing my fall to the snow as a serious threat to my health. Looking back on this day, I can’t blame myself for remembering this moment, and getting to the point of this story, the unwavering dedication I experienced in that moment is the main reason a curiosity for the world of dogs bit me hard on the proverbial butt when I saw a job opening to Mush for a Dog Sled Touring business in Upstate Michigan.

So here I am, with 23 new best friends and a whole new world unravelling before me. It’s an incredibly exciting place, and as much as I could go on about myself forever, I would really like to introduce you to the dogs!

So in the spirit of the coming holidays…

…There’s Lou, and there’s Sparky, and Charger, and Dollar.



There’s Timber, and Mitch, and Prim, and Cyborg.

Cyborg on a walk

There’s Chuck, and Bell, and Jerry, and Wxcl.

There’s Carver, and Veeya, and Baba, and Belly Button.

Belly Button

There’s Salsa, and Jasmine, and Lady.


There’s Galt, and Jasmine, and OC.

But the most loyal lead dog of them all, Mr. Schue takes my heart with a single wag of his tail!

Me and Mr. Schue

Anyways…Enough of that. This post is starting to get really long and I’m boring myself (plus the cafe I’m at in Marquette is closing soon), so I’ll have to save my day to day here at Nature’s Kennel for the next post.

Thank’s again for reading, and I wish you all the best!

In the spirit of adventure,

Nicholas Dubois Photography